White Paper

The RiHN White Paper (see link at bottom of page) is the first serious attempt to gather expertise and to explore applications in promising areas of healthcare that could benefit from RDM and covers early-stage user needs, challenges and priorities. The UK has an opportunity to lead in this area and RiHN has identified an extensive number of areas for fruitful R&D, crossing production technology, infrastructure, business and organisations. The paper serves as a foundation for discussing future technological roadmaps and engaging the wider community and stakeholders, as well as policy makers, in addressing the potential impact of RDM.

The RiHN White Paper is of particular value to policy makers and funders seeking to specify action and to direct attention where it is needed. The White Paper is also useful for the research community, to support their proposals with credible research propositions and to show where collaboration with industry and the public sector will deliver the most benefits.

In order to seize the opportunities presented by RDM RiHN proposes a bold new agenda that incorporates a whole healthcare system view of future implementation pathways and wider transformation implications. The priority areas for Future R&D can be summarised as follows: through

  • Automated production platform technologies and supporting manufacturing infrastructures
  • Advances in analytics and metrology
  • New regulatory frameworks and governance pathways
  • New frameworks for business model and organisational transformation

The time to take action is now. Technologies are developing that have the potential to disrupt traditional healthcare pathways and offer therapies tailored to individual needs and physiological characteristics. The challenge is seizing this opportunity and make the UK a world leader in RDM.


RiHN White Paper