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We want to hear from a variety of researchers and professionals involved in healthcare and manufacturing R&D, as well as funders/investors, regulators, or healthcare service operators. There are many ways you can work with the RiHN team or our network, some suggestions are listed below – do get in touch directly to discuss other possibilities for collaboration.


Navigating Regulatory Requirements for Redistributed Manufacturing in Healthcare

Location: Medical Research Council, 13th Floor, One Kemble Street, London, WC2B 4AN
Date: 14th October 2016

Purpose: This event will review and advance understanding of regulatory requirements affecting distributed models of manufacturing in healthcare. Expert speakers include representatives from MHRA, BSI and EATRIS.

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UK Landscape Map for Point-of-care Manufacturing

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(In scope - Bioprinting, additive layer manufacture, and other localised production systems)


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Special Issue on RDM in Production Planning and Control

Our team will be guest editing a special issue of the renowned publication “Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations”. Named “This edition will investigate how manufacturing organisations and stakeholders can benefit from Redistributed Manufacturing, whilst also benefitting their economic and social environment. Get in touch with the editorial team to discuss a potential contribution.

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Collaborative Funding Bids in RDM

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