Will we one day be able able to print our own personalised medicine?

Could we one day be able to print our own personalised medicine? Lee Cronin, Regius Professor of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow is suggesting exactly that. The idea is to “app” chemistry by building a universal toolkit that combines the vessel and the molecule in the same 3D Printing process (Reactionware).

Professor Cronen believes that we may one day be able to create drugs in a completely new way, using the principle of a search engine. We could, for example, create the medicine required to tackle a flu virus there and then, using a universal set of chemical inks.

Being able to print medicine would not only save the trip to the pharmacy, it would also offer the opportunity to create drugs that are customised to match the patient’s individual genetic information. Another great advantage of creating medicine in this way lies in the reduced cost of both, production and distribution. It could be made quickly, at the point of need, and wouldn’t have to be shipped around the world.

Watch the full TED talk here: