Operations Management

Call for Papers – Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations

The RiHN Team will be guest editing a special issue of the renowned publication “Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations”. Named “Redistributed Manufacturing – Challenges for Operations Management”, the edition will investigate how manufacturing organisations and stakeholders can benefit from RDM, whilst also making a positive difference to their economic and social environment. Practitioners …

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Vaccination against Ebola

The need to improve vaccine manufacture – can the UK respond effectively to Ebola in the future?

The UK Science and Technology Committee said Britain “lacks the capacity” to produce vaccines in enough quantity to protect citizens in the event of a serious outbreak of a deadly disease such as Ebola. RiHN researchers at the University of Sussex are currently working some new approaches that have the potential to eliminate some of the problems faced in pandemic-hit countries.

supply chain

Redistributed Manufacturing – offering shorter lead times, better customisation and more resilience in Healthcare Manufacturing

Since the 1980s, UK Manufacturing has increasingly moved offshore, with a vast share of goods being produced in countries such as China, India or Bangladesh. Couple this with the fact that any ‘finished’ product will often go through different production stages, each of which can be carried out in various parts of the world, and you are often left with supply chain scenarios that have taken on near absurd scales.