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Call for Papers – Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations

The RiHN Team will be guest editing a special issue of the renowned publication “Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations”. Named “Redistributed Manufacturing – Challenges for Operations Management”, the edition will investigate how manufacturing organisations and stakeholders can benefit from RDM, whilst also making a positive difference to their economic and social environment.

Practitioners and researchers in operations management are invited to explore key issues affecting the implementation of Redistributed Manufacturing, such as:

  • Analysis of RDM impact on existing value chains and supply networks (e.g. resilience, reconfiguration)
  • Infrastructure and urban planning for RDM
  • Human factors and user-design in RDM scenarios
  • Management of risk, compliance, regulation of IP, standards and quality assurance models
  • Innovator profiles and new forms of engineering organisation
  • Evolution or performance of production technologies and systems enabling RDM
  • Transformation of the manufacturing-services interface
  • RDM commercialisation case studies and new business models
  • Literature surveys of industry specific RDM-related applications
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration in design and production
  • Circular economy and remanufacturing, resource resilience and sustainability
  • Deploying RDM in challenging environments
  • Economic and operations data on RDM impact and financial investment decision-making

Case studies of the impact on real world operations are particularly welcome, especially if lessons can be drawn for generalisation to other sectors and wider industry application.

This special issue will attract interest from international researchers and industry professionals and bring much-needed attention to the fast developing phenomenon of Redistributed Manufacturing.

The deadline for submissions is 30th September 2016.

Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to Production Planning & Control’s instructions for authors, available here. Selected papers will go through a rigorous single-blind reviewing process.

Papers should be submitted to PPC’s online submission system via ScholarOne Manuscripts™.  Authors are requested to insert the code “SI: RDM” at the start of the title field when submitting the manuscript.
For further information visit the call for papers webpage, or contact Guest-Editor Dharm Kapletia if you require more details.

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