Special Interest Group (SIG)

RiHN Special Interest Group (SIG) on Point-of-Care Manufacture in Healthcare.

 This Special Interest Group (SIG) will bring together and engage with key stakeholders; across the industry, academia, and government, involved in the Point-of-Care (POC) manufacturing in healthcare. Headed by a small steering committee involved in manufacturing research and innovation, we seek to evaluate the business case for POC manufacturing and shape future programmes in the sector.

Our focal areas:

  • Improve understanding of key factors affecting POC manufacturing innovation adoption.
  • Analyse the evidence of current and future POC performance, to identify SIG opportunities.
  • Inform targeted investment in POC research, technology, and collaboration; backed up by data from SIG members.
  • Support interactions with RiHN’s funded feasibility studies, and core team.
  • Facilitate networking between manufacturing engineering and the clinical community.
  • Provide foundations for future collaborative bids and projects.

We are planning a series of virtual workshops and in-person events (lockdown restrictions permitting), to facilitate sharing expertise and experience amongst SIG members. SIG members participating in events can expect materials generated at workshop events will be kept anonymous but may be captured as evidence for future case studies and paper collaborations.

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Latest Events...

SIG'S first Point-of-Care Manufacturing Special Interest Group

This event by the Special Interest Group Event of Point of Care Manufacturing, is the first in a series of events held by RiHN based on the technology themes that we are focussed on. This first event looked at additive layer manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing in the point-of-care scenario. The speakers are experts in their respective fields and we examined the business case for each technology field as well as how this applies to two of the RiHN feasibility studies. There was additional discussions at the end of each session to examine PoC in each scenario in further depth.

The Special Interest Group(SIG) Members