About Us

Our Mission

“We seek to identify, fund and advance high-value applications of redistributed manufacturing research that will transform future deployed medical care capability

The Redistributed Manufacturing in Healthcare Network (RiHN) was funded by UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and was launched in 2015. Over 2-3 years, the RiHN established a network of 250+ members and delivered numerous national and international events, workshops, panels and presentations. RiHN also awarded funding to 6 feasibility studies focusing on RDM in regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

In 2019, the EPSRC awarded a Network Plus grant to RiHN, providing a further two years of funding commencing from July 2020. The Network Plus has up to £1.2m in feasibility study funding, with a larger team of investigators focused on new pioneering areas of RDM, supported by expert bodies involved in relevant areas of science and manufacturing engineering research, as well as military and emergency medicine.

Research Themes

Addictive Layer Manufacturing
- Professor Richard Bibb - Professor Kenny Dalgarno - Dr Javier Munguia Valenzuela - Dr Abby Paterson
Cell & Tissue Therapies
- Professor Kenny Dalgarno - Dr Qasim Rafiq - Professor Nik Willoughby
Clinical Fluids
- Professor Nik Willoughby - Professor Jonathan Benger - Lieutenant Colonel Dr Paul Hunt
- Professor Harris Makatsoris - Dr Basil Omar - Dr Samuel Roscoe
Military & Emergency Medicine Requirements in Deployed Operations
- Lieutenant Colonel Dr Paul Hunt - Professor Jonathan Benger - Dr Dharm Kapletia
Innovation Assessment & Adoption for Deployed Operations
- Professor Wendy Phillips - Dr Dharm Kapletia - Dr Sam Roscoe