Check out what we have done with our previous project and what the scope looks like for the future, as well as any latest developments.

What we are doing..


The RiHN team is actively involved in shaping the domain of Redistributed Manufacturing (RDM) and Distributed Manufacturing (DM) in Healthcare. Our investigators cover a diverse range of disciplines and adopt a systems view of RDM development, commercialisation, implementation and operational support. Our research covers a range of themes such as:

  • Healthcare Policy and Regulation Strategy,
  • Operations and Innovation Management
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Management Personalised and Precision Medicine
  • Additive Manufacturing and Bioprinting
  • Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), including Cell, Gene and Tissue
  • Advanced Manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals

What we did..

At the end of our last project we created ‘The RiHN White Paper’ it is the first serious attempt to gather expertise and to explore applications in promising areas of healthcare that could benefit from RDM and covers early-stage user needs, challenges and priorities. The paper served as a foundation for discussing future technological roadmaps and engaging the wider community and stakeholders, as well as policy makers, in addressing the potential impact of RDM.

Please see below videos of our past funded feasibility studies

Further Reading

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