Additive Layer Manufacturing

Digital design and manufacturing of personalised prosthetic socket on-demand: Technical validation in laboratory

Loughborough University

This project proposes to develop an adaptive, modular prosthesis socket on-demand with remote assessment and manufacturing capability by using a combination of digital design-to-manufacturing workflow with intuitive, expert-assisted graphical user interface(GUI)and deployable additive manufacturing(AM) for both mobility impaired civilian and military personnel.

Key Information

Start Date: 26 Apr 2021

Amount awarded: £75,547

Research Team

S. Li [1], T. Allen [2], R J. O’Connor [3]

[1]Mechanics of Biomaterials, Loughborough University, [2] Mechanical Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University. [3] Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Leeds.

Additional Support

Laser Lines Ltd – R. Hoy, C. Parsons [5], A. Paterson [6]

[5] Design Prosthetics Ltd, [6] Industrial Design and Technology, Loughborough University

A novel design-through-manufacture approach to Transparent Face Orthosis for deployed medical environments

Imperial College London

This project aims to demonstrate the rapid design and manufacture of a custom Transparent Face Orthosis (TFO) using automated design processes and 3D printing for manufacture in deployed medical care scenarios

Key Information

Start Date: 08 Feb 2021

Amount awarded: £60,990

Research Team

C. Myant [1], T. Coward [2], M Khan [3]

[1] Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London, [2] Maxillofacial and Craniofacial Rehabilitation, King College London, [3] Trauma Surgery, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals.





Handheld Electrospinning of Antimicrobial Laminar Structures (HEALS) for simultaneous fabrication and application of micro and nanofibrous wound dressings

Swansea University

The aim is to overcome challenges in the delivery of electrospun materials and translate electrospinning techniques to deployed medical settings, a more direct approach is proposed. The Handheld Electrospinning of Antimicrobial Laminar Structures (HEALS)project aims to miniaturise equipment and automate processing variables to deposit electro spun materials directly onto the wound bed.

Key Information

Start Date: 15 Mar 2021

Amount awarded: £62,328

Research Team

C. Wright [1], L. Burke [2], J. Osborn [3]

[1] College of Engineering, Swansea University, [2] Early Career Researcher, [3] Wiltshire Primary Care Network

Additional Support

ProColl Ltd



Cell & Tissue Manufacturing

Proof-of-concept of long-term storage of functional extra-cellular vesicles for application in accelerated soft-tissue and fracture healing

Keele University

The aim is to standardise an effective storage method of extracellular vesicles (EVs) from mesenchymalstemcells for use in enhancing fracture and softtissue healing, as part of a wider established manufacturing process.

Key Information

Start Date:15 Apr 2021

Amount awarded: £62,582

Research Team

N. Wragg [1], D. Player [2], N R. Forsyth [3].

[1] Bioengineering, Keele University, [2] Musculoskeletal Bioengineering, University College London, [3] Stem Cell Biology, Keele University.

Combining Orthobiologics, Antimicrobial and Angiogenic Properties for Rapid Treatment of Bone Repair in Deployed Settings

University of Nottingham

The aim of this project will be to produce unique PBG formulations by enhancing them with antibacterial and angiogenic properties by adding copper ions. Furthermore, we aim to incorporate lyophilised EVs within these injectable porous microspheres, to address their use in potentially contaminated environments to enable rapid tissue repair and regeneration, thereby delivering novel ‘Orthobiologics’ based treatments.

Key Information

Start Date: 08 Mar 2021

Amount awarded: £47,806

Research Team

I. Ahmed [1], O Davies [2]

[1] University of Nottingham, [2] Molecular & Regenerative Biomedicine, Loughborough University.

Additional Support 

Lonza – Pharma & Biotech

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Decentralised manufacture of combi-pills at point of care

University of East Anglia

The aim is to establish proof-of-concept data for a hybrid 3DP platform for decentralised point-of-care manufacturing of combi-pills that will enable the team to apply for larger funding to further develop the technology towards bespoke GMP-grade hardware, digital process control and user-friendly digital combi-pill design tools.

Key Information

Start Date: 12 Apr 2021

Amount awarded: £70,862

Research Team

S. Qi [1], A Gleadall [2] R. Bibb [3]

[1] School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, [2] Additive Manufacturing in the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical & Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University, [3] School of Design & Creative Arts, Loughborough University.

Additional Support

Cellink Life Sciences

AmorFlow: amorphous pharmaceuticals through continuous manufacturing in flow

Kings College London

The proposed project aims to demonstrate a world first attempt to produce a ready-to-use, precise formulation of analgesics on-demand, in a format suitable for redistributed manufacturing and deployed operations, using novel manufacturing techniques based on flow technologies. 

Key Information

Start Date: 19 Apr 2021

Amount awarded: £89,776

Research Team

[1] Professor H. Makatsoris [2]
Professor C. Frampton

[1] Department of Engineering, King’s College London, [2] Department of Engineering, Brunel University

Additional Support

Centillion Technology Ltd


AMPlify: redistributed manufacturing of antimicrobial peptides for wound care

University of Cambridge

The aim is to develop AMPlify, a proof-of principle of a cold-chain-free biological RDM system that is stable for 3 months at 40C and can manufacture single-doses (2 ug/ml) of the antimicrobial peptide (AMP) RP557, which has shown promise for treatment of infected wounds (Woodburn et al., 2019). 

Key Information

Start Date: 30 Apr 2021

Amount awarded: £68,622

Research Team

J. Molloy [1], L. Hall [1], C.  Gandini [1]

[1] Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Cambridge University.

Additional Support

Glia Project

Field Ready